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This newsletter will cover:
1. Mixtape
2. Changes coming to
3. Whats been happening around
4. Misc/Other

1. Mixtape
(reference to this newsletter title)
If you have been active on the forums,
over the past few days you should have
noticed that we have added a Mixtape
forum, and a couple of sub-forums under that.

We are hoping to have the tape full of collabs
with CP members working together, however if there
isn't enough members willing to do this we may
accept blends/remixes and tracks which are not collabs,
to pad it out a bit.
But I really do not want to do this.

For overall details of the tape see this thread:

Tape One: Blends/Remixes Collabs

This is where you should arrange collabs for the first tape,
"retail" acapellas and instrumentals can be used for this tape,
you should submit your collabs here:

Tape Two: Track Collabs

This is where Artists/Producers can arrange to collab for the 2nd tape,
"retail" instrumentals are not allowed on this tape.
You can read more details here:

Your collabs can be submitted here:

Basically what we are wanting to do for both tapes is have
members working together and original work.

This mixtape will be promoted online, and hopefully offline,
so it would be great exposure for you, if you become part of this.

We are looking for mixtape title suggestions, you can post them here:

There may also be a “bonus” for those that participate, even for those who don't get on it.

2. Changes coming to
If you have been active in the shoutbox, you may
have noticed me mention about a new style a couple of times,
well there is a new style coming that I am working on, it should
hopefully be up sometime this month, or at latest next month.
With this new style there will be other changes, new features,
forums re-organized to make browsing the forum more easier
and enjoyable for you.

The new features I am thinking about is:
A "marketplace" for you to sell your music.
A monthly/weekly podcast.
A proper battle system.
A blog, maybe member blogs. Apparel
Video Tutorials
Streaming MP3 Player In Talent Forums

If you would like to suggest anything, please respond to this email,
pm me ( ), or
post in the suggestions forum ( ).
Now would really be a good time to get suggestions to me while
I am working on things.

Regarding Apparel and Video Tutorials,
I would REALLY like to hear what you think about this
and what you would like to see.

3. Whats been happening around
Since the last newsletter or before then, there have been a
few things happening around, such as;

BEAT CONTEST WON – mart85 won the beat contest
again lol, Congratz to him... you can listen to his winning entry

REMIX CONTEST WON – KnottyBwoy won the 50 Cent -
I Get Money remix contest, congratz to him, you can listen
to his winning entry here:

these forums until the new style and the Mixtape is done.

has been made moderator for the Remix's/Blends forum.

NEW FORUM – I created a collab forum
to work with other members of

4. Misc./Other
APOLOGIES - Sorry for the downtime we've been having some evenings/nights,
for most part it is due to the number of queries the shoutbox is
sending to the database, they are locking in other words crashing,
like when a program on your computer crashed it slows your
computer down, that is what is happening to the server in a sense.
I may be buying some upgrades, or have to remove the shoutbox
if it keeps happening.

ROCMP3 - I'm sure you have noticed the banner in the top right of the
site, this is not false, you can (and people do) make 100% revenue on
sales of their music. I would not put something up which is false.
How it works is you can sign up free and promote other peoples music
and/or get other people to register with ROCMP3,
you get 40% (I think) of sales of other peoples music, you can refer
more people, if they sign-up and pay you get 50%, and you get a
percentage of each sale/paid sign-up they get (I think).
To actually sell your own music you need to pay from as little as $19.95/month,
that's all, then every sale you make that month you keep 100%, people will
also be able to promote your music, and I think you make 60% from each sale
they generate for you. So you are paying $19.95/month for a team of promoters
and your own music store which could cost you hundreds to have made.
You can sign up here , even if you just want a look,
I will help you set everything up and get started if you do want to do this.

FRE'E WEBSITE AND HOSTING - I am still offering to do fr'ee websites for people,
I have decided to offer fre'e hosting as well, but with the fre'e hosting I will place
an ad on your page and Hosted by: in the footer, with the
fr'ee website I won't place any ads.
See this thread for details:

Note that the hosting isn't mentioned in that thread, but the thread
will be getting updated shortly.

SUBSCRIBE – Most already know, but thought I'd plug this again.
If you subscribe you get fewer ads, and access to the Direct Download forums.
You can subscribe here:

That's really all for this newsletter,

Look forward to seeing you participate in the mixtape.

Crazy Pellas - - Music Resource & Community - 19 - Male -

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