Just an update of whats been happening around CrazyPellas.net since the last newsletter
(end of December I think), so we might have a bit to go through ;).

Stuff that's going to be covered in this newsletter is:
1. Contests
-Beat Contest
-Collab Remix Contest
-New Contests
2. Updates
-New forum
-Forum Changes
-New Moderators
3. Other

Beat Contest Final Round: PSD83 vs. showbiznine. (voting will run til Sunday)
For the final round of the beat contest, the contestants were asked to compose their own beat
using their keyboard.
You can vote for what beat you like best here:

Collab Remix Contest Second Round: (voting will run til Thursday)
for the second round of the collab remix contest, the contestants were given 4 instrumentals
and asked to choose 1 or more instrumental and use it in a remix.

You can vote for what remix's you liked best here:
Stonnie & PSD83 vs. S.Harvey & srogers

loai & funkyone vs. djmikeymike007 & 2 nyce

Go ahead and vote!

When these contests are over we'll be holding some more, so you should look out for them
and join them if you have time!

A "Flip This" forum has been made where you can upload samples that you want people to "flip".
This forum has proved quite popular so far, you can check out what's been uploaded and what people
have done with them here:


Last month's featured "flip" was Al Green- Ain't No Sunshine flipped by soulp, you can check it out here:

The "Collab" forum has changed, it now has a moderator Dj Excrucial, he has implemented some changes which you can read here:

It would be really great if we could see you members working together on some tracks/mixes/beats or something .

I hope to see you collab with someone sometime.

We also have some new moderators:
Dj Excrucial - Collab forums
elimn8 - Producer Talk
loai - Acapella forums
mjl - Graphics
mh bich who els - General & Other forums
PHAT-DUB - Creative Writing

I'd like to welcome them all to staff

The CrazyPellas ezine has got a few articles up which are a good read, you can check them out here:
CrazyPellas Music eZine

I came across a website called OurStage, if you upload your music and get ranked highly you have a chance to win $5000.
If you are interested in it you can sign up here:

I got an email for a coupon from GuitarCenter, it's 10% off any order over $300... the link is:
Guitar Center

That's really it for this newsletter.

Crazy Pellas
MySpace.com - www.CrazyPellas.net - Music Resource & Community - 20 - Male - www.myspace.com/crazypellas

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