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    Default Back Online/Newsletter


    This email will cover:
    - A short message saying we are back online.
    - Beat and Remix Contest News
    - Subscription Service
    - Network of sites
    - Misc. stuff

    This is an email just to let you know that we are back online.

    Sorry we were off for so long,
    just had to make sure everything had
    transferred across to the new server ok.
    There was just one small problem, that I
    found just before I sent this email out,
    that was one file was missing so all URLs
    were 404 Not Found errors, lol.

    All files on the file hosting site,
    and image hosting sites are still there.
    On the file hosting site the timer didn't
    go down (even though it is just 2 seconds),
    but when I refreshed the page that fixed that .

    The beat and remix contests that we had
    running will be extended.

    If you are in the beat contest, you will
    have until this Thursday to send me your entry,
    and if you want to participate in the remix contest,
    send me your remix by Thursday also.

    For details on the remix contest see this thread:

    Congrats to Mart85 for winning the last beat contest,
    and congrats to Tonthelow for winning the last remix contest.

    Some of you may not be aware that we have setup a
    subscription service so you can access the Direct
    Download forums, and browse the site without any ads.
    You can subscribe here: ,
    or read more about it here: .

    I will be uploading a ton of acapellas and
    instrumentals to there over a period of time.
    I have about 9Gb of Acapellas and just about
    3Gb of Instrumentals on my hard drives,
    and a lot more stored online.

    You can also upload your acapellas/instrumentals/samples
    to there as well, if you wish.

    Another thing you may have noticed is that
    we have started a series of sites, these sites are:
    Image Hosting (Imageshack type): CrazyPellas Free Image Hosting
    Image Hosting (Photobucket type): Uploader -
    MySpace Layouts and things: CrazyPellas MySpace Resource - This hasn't been updated....
    Cellphone Ringtones, Logos e.t.c: CrazyPellas CellPhone Accessories -
    Web Messenger: CrazyPellas Web Messenger - Online Instant Messenger, MSN, AIM, YAHOO Anywhere! - talk to people on MSN, AIM, Yahoo online...

    Please use these sites and link to them on your myspace,
    websites, and on other forums. You can find linking code
    and details here: .

    Do you want a website? If you do, I will make one for you for FREE,
    I will add a blog, store, MP3 player, forum and anything else that you want.
    I will update it constantly for you, and teach you how you can update it,
    if you want me to, so you don't have to wait for me to be online.
    It will be a good design but nothing too fancy, because I am sure a lot
    of people will take up this offer.

    What is the catch? There is no catch.

    The only thing you have to pay for,
    for definite is hosting from me.
    I will give you a domain for free also,
    the only catch for the free domain is,
    you need to complete an offer or number of
    offers (these offers are free, or free trials),
    depending on what domain you want.

    We will discuss this when you want me to make you a website.

    If you don't want to complete any offers, you will
    have to pay for the domain. I will give you money off codes.
    You can pick up .info domains for $0.99 and .com's for $6.95.
    So they aren't really expensive, the price is per year.

    The hosting will be $6.95/month you will get:
    50Gb Bandwidth
    5Gb Storage Space
    cPanel w/ Fantastico
    Unlimited databases
    Unlimited email accounts
    Unlimited FTP accounts
    Unlmited subdomains

    These can be upgraded for no extra cos.t,
    if and when required. As long as you are not
    misusing your account.

    I will help you any way I can with your website,
    so don't be afraid to ask. Just email me, or
    I'll set up a support ticket system where you can
    ask for help as well.

    If you are interested in getting your free website,
    reply to this email, PM me or reply to this thread:

    A lot of people will take up this offer, so you have
    to be patient. I may in fact limit the number of free
    websites I am giving away so be sure to get in quick
    so you don't miss it.

    That's that covered, so contact me if you want a website.

    I came across a new social networking site, it is
    like myspace but is a whole lot easier, you can check
    it out here:

    You can check out my profile here:
    Profile: CrazyPellas - PerfSpot
    I haven't really done much with it,
    I've just been working on things.

    That's everything covered that I wanted to cover,
    didn't realize it would be this long LOL, sorry
    for that.

    Everyone received this email even if they do have
    don't receive emails from administrators, just
    to let everyone know we are back.

    Keep making music,
    Crazy Pellas
    Profile: CrazyPellas - PerfSpot

    P.S. Keep an eye on the contest forums
    for more contests and to vote on the
    current ones.

    P.P.S. Be sure to get back to me if you want
    a website as above.

    P.P.P.S. Be sure to check out the new social networking
    site I found.

    Unsubscribe details: Go to Edit Options
    Uncheck receive email from administrators. You will still receive important emails.
    Iain Meddicks
    Founder of CrazyPellas / SendBeatsTo - Track what happens with your beats after you've sent them.

    Send me a message if you have any questions, or suggestions =]

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    Default Re: Back Online/Newsletter

    And not a moment 2 soon, Good 2 see da storm has passed.

    Its Great Working With You Cuz I Know All Da Tracks Will Come Out Great~Dj Excrucial.~

    Dj MXBI :Thats why i keep my cp title As "Legendary"
    Zay:oh yes you are
    Zay:gotta listen to some one who's "Legendary"
    greekgun says:u got dope mixing....
    Desimnyc says:How the fuck you get this to blend...this is fire!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Back Online/Newsletter


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