About time for another newsletter I think , not had one for a while, so this is a long one…

What’s in this newsletter?
- Graphics Contest.
- Artist/Producer/DJ/”Flipper” of the Month.
- Submit your tracks for “Thugged Out Blends V3”.
- Other

Graphics Contest
We’ve got a graphics contest going on, which you can win $50. The graphics contest is for a new logo for CrazyPellas.net, coz we’re hoping to start selling clothes, accessories, slipmats e.t.c., and need a really good logo.

You can enter and find details of the contest here:

Artist/Producer/DJ/”Flipper” of the Month
What these are, are who have been voted top of the talent forum they post in a lot, either by members or the moderator of that talent forum. This newsletter will cover February and March, the later ones where lost due to the hard drive failure.

Artist of the Month:
Viewing YounGhetto's Profile on Crazy Pellas

YounGhetto was the first artist of the month, February, we did have an interview done with him which was posted on the eZine, but because of the hard drive failure, can’t link you to that

You can check out YounGhetto’s music at the following places:
MySpace: MySpace.com - New Ghetto Music Coming Soon [Paper Trail] - Jersey City, New Jersey - Rap / Hip Hop / Soul - www.myspace.com/officialyounghetto
SoundClick: SoundClick artist: YounGhetto - YounGhetto Get Em Boyz

Young Ghats
Viewing Young Ghats's Profile on Crazy Pellas
Young Ghats was March’s artist of the month, I can’t remember if an interview was done with him, but you can check out his music here:
MySpace: MySpace.com - YOUNG GHATS (PAPER TRAIL) - JERSEY CITY, New Jersey - Hip Hop / R&B - www.myspace.com/youngghats

Producer of the Month:
Viewing soul_p's Profile on Crazy Pellas

soul_p won two producers of the month, February and March. We also done an interview with him, and posted it on the eZine, can’t link you to that either coz of the hard drive failure

Check out his beats here:
MySpace: MySpace.com - CHRiS - LONG BEACH, California - Hip Hop / Hip Hop / Hip Hop - www.myspace.com/wgmcasanova
SoundClick: SoundClick artist: casanovatheproducer - casanova the producer .

DJ of the Month:
For the first couple of months, DJ MXBI done something different for the DJ of the Month, he decided to choose Blends/Remixes of the Month.

February, MX picked “Funkyone – Is New York In The House?”, you can check that out here:

March, MX picked “Succo – Never Call You Bitch Again”, you can check that out here:

I am also pretty sure S. Harvey got DJ of the month, you can check his profile here:
Viewing S.HARVEY's Profile on Crazy Pellas

I couldn’t find a myspace or soundclick page, so to listen to his mixes, just search for all threads by him here:
Crazy Pellas - Search Results

“Flipper” of the Month:
You can check them out here: http://www.crazypellas.net/flip-this...e-month-38796/
soul_p got January’s flipper of the month, by sampling Al Green – Ain’t No Sunshine.

Viewing lospro05's Profile on Crazy Pellas
Was February’s flipper of the month for sampling Funkadelic - Baby I Owe You Something.

Check out more of his beats here:
MySpace: MySpace.com - HUNDREDS OF BEATS SOLD! www.LOSBEATS.com - BEACON, New York - Hip Hop / R&B / Rap - www.myspace.com/loscreations
Soundclick: SoundClick artist: LoS ProductionS (1) - Hottest Source For Hip-Hop Beats! Affordable Instrumentals, Cheap Beats, High Quality Rap Beats, www

Got March’s flipper of the month by samples Michael Jackson – Ain’t No Sunshine

lospro05 got April’s flipper of the month by sampling Hilary Duff – Weird.

Submit your tracks for “Thugged Out Blends V3”.
This is a mixtape Young Ef is putting together. You can read details and submit your tracks here:

I know this is long enough without an “other” section, but there are still some things to put:
1. I won’t be around the forums for a week or 2, from Monday July 14th. Ask me, or check the General forums… still deciding whether or not to post the reason… some people already know.

2. We are hoping to get contests running again, and have been discussing it in the staff forum.

There are some other things but you’ll just need to stick around for them .

That’s it for this newsletter, I know it was quite long! Sorry about that.

Look forward to seeing you around the forums!

Crazy Pellas
Crazy Pellas - Free Acapellas, Free Instrumentals & Free Samples Downloads
MySpace.com - www.CrazyPellas.net - Music Resource & Community - 20 - Male - www.myspace.com/crazypellas

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