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We have 3 contests for you:
1) Battle4Exposure Producer Beat Contest: PRODUCER BEAT CONTEST TIME! Battle4Exposure July 2012
2) TAGG's HipHop SAMPLING Producer Beat Contest: CrazyPellas Sponsors TAGG's Hip Hop Sampling Producer Beat CONTEST!
3) Crazy Pellas RAP Contest: RAP CONTEST - June 2012

Each contest has a different set of guidelines for you to follow, so make sure you follow them closely =]

We would like to congratulate last month's 'of the Month' winners:
Producer of the Month - IPM Music: Interview with Producer 'IPM Music'
Artist of the Month - Bilshot: Interview with Blackpool (UK) Rapper 'Bilshot'
DJ of the Month - DJ T.O.B.: Interview with DJ T.O.B

You know what to do if you want to be in with a chance of winning this months ;) HINT: Get posting in the talent forums

One last thing for this month's newsletter; We have heard from a lot of producers that they don't
know where or how to start marketing their beats for sale, so I have put together a few articles
describing several online marketing techniques:
- Forum
- Facebook
- Video & Viral
- Classifieds (craigslist, backpage etc)
- Article
- Getting links to your beats website.
- On Page SEO
Read & share them here: How to Sell Beats Online & Increase Beat Sales

(sorry, one more thing)
We would appreciate if you could take a minute of your time to let us know your thoughts on Crazy Pellas: Friends of Crazy Pellas Survey

If there's anything you would like to talk about, reply to this email or give me a call on the number below. I'm more than happy to listen.

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