Just dropping you a quick email to let you know that we've went back to our old voting system
for choosing the Talent of the Month for each section.

So what you need to do is click on the 3 links below and Vote for your favorite Producer, DJ and Artist.
Producer of the Month: August 2013: Producer of the Month !!! VOTE NOW !!!
DJ of the Month: August 2013: DJ of the Month !!! VOTE NOW !!!
Artist of the Month: August 2013: Artist of the Month !!! VOTE NOW !!!

You can check out their music by clicking their name in each of the polls.

Help your favorite talent win by sharing the link on your Facebook and Twitter pages using the social icons below the poll.

Before, we had a Nominate button which you could click and at the end of the month I would see who had the most nominations.

I feel that going back to the old style of voting is better because it involves you even more in the choosing process

The winners of the EDM Contests that was sponsored by Image-Line, FXpansion and 12inch Skinz have been chosen!

They were 'showbiznine' for his Remix of "Crucify" by Emma Hewitt and 'kalikrazed' for his 10 minute edm mix.

You can listen to both winners here: EDM Contests Winners Announcement!

CrazyPellas Music Charts of August 2013 have been published to let you see how you're performing on the site.

Check where you rank here: Top Remixes, Beats and Tracks of August 2013

That's all for now We'll get new contests running asap, until then...

Keep making & sharing music!

Best wishes,
Iain Meddicks
Founder & Owner of CrazyPellas

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Call: (+44) 79 743 86 467