Prove that you've got what it takes to beat other artists / rappers for a chance to win:
- 1 Year Crazy Pellas Premium Membership - Worth $40!
- Free Hosting + Website from Gighive
-- or if you already have a website, you can get social media marketing to your website instead.
- Interview featured on Crazy Pellas homepage
- Interview on ProducerJC's website
- Your music will be exposed to 80,000+ music professionals and enthusiasts

To enter, all you need to do is submit your original track here: Battle 4 Exposure: February 2012 Enter TODAY
Or to make it easy for you: send me an Email or PM and I'll submit it for you =]

The DEADLINE is: February 20th 2012.

Your entry must follow these guidelines:
1. Tell us about the good life, or choose a song that's about life from your POV.
*Create a new release or submit whatever you have, we'll accept it.
2. Songs must have proper titles with artist names.
*Please include the all parties involved with your entry.
3. Only one entry per artist: management companies can submit multiple artist.
*Only one entry per artist, per competition.
4. You must own the right to publish your entries, online and offline.
5. All entries must be posted in the Battle 4 Exposure thread, as streaming audio.
6. The entry with most votes wins.

Here's that link again: Battle 4 Exposure: February 2012 Enter TODAY

Good luck!

Best wishes,
Crazy Pellas