You can use this page to put a biography, discography, links to remix's, beats, rhymes e.t.c,

the usual forum rules apply,

to view people who have got a page go to

here's a how to...

Creating Your Own User Page
1. Go to your usercp. Click the Create Userpage Link.
2. The alternate method is to go to and then click the create link.

Editing Your User Page
1. Go to your user page. Click the edit link. Make your changes and click the save button.
2. The althernate method is to go to your usercp. Click the Edit Userpage Link. Make your changes and save.

1. Go to a member's user page. At the bottom of the page, you will see a "shoutbox" Enter your brief message and click Shout!

Viewing Shouts that are no longer visible on your user page.
1. Click the shout archive link on your user page.

Reporting Problems
1. If there is a problem with a user page, click the report problem link. Describe the problem and click submit.
A report will be sent to the administration team.