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Thread: New CP Updates

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    Default New CP Updates

    Don't know if you guys haven't noticed but me and CP have been making a lot of changes here lately to spice CP up a little! As you can see last week we cut down the requests section and that was just the start of it! Below I've compiled a list (by section) of new things so you guys aren't confused of some changes.

    Note: There will be a ton of moved thread notices due to the movements. Don't worry you've done nothing wrong

    Talent Section
    Added Non-Artists Audio as a sub-section under Audio. - Too many people are posting audio tracks into the Audio section that don't have their vocals. If you had a hand other then vocals in a track you may post it in this new section. KEEP IT OUT OF THE AUDIO SECTION UNLESS IT HAS YOUR VOCALS. Artist of the Month is a pain in the ass to go through because you can't always tell if someone did the track or not.

    Moved the chat/talk sections in Homemade Beats, Remix's/Blends, and Audio sections into one big section entitled Music Chat & Help. We left all threads posted in the last month as well as ones that made sense
    - Music Chat & Help is the new section everyone should be going to for all music help and chatting. We condensed it into one section instead of segregated because a lot of threads related to stuff more then just DJ, producer and artist specific.

    Moved Music Business under Music Chat & Help. - Makes more sense to be under there than having is own section being that its for music business related help and chat.

    Added Equipment Buying and Selling Advice. - This section is strictly for advice on whether it would be worth it to buy/sell something and for how much. Posting here with the intent of buying/selling music equipment only. Yes, software counts (not pirated). Use this section of the advice section in general.

    General Section
    Moved News under General. - Not enough activity for it to be its own section anymore.

    Changed Hip Hop to Hip Hop Culture. - Self-explanatory?

    Moved music releated threads from Advice. - Being the new sub-section in Music Chat & Help has a section for it. Leave this one for personal advice.

    Downloads Section
    Major Re-categorizing.

    Sample Downloads changed to Plugins and Drum Kits Downloads. - name was too confusing people were posting drum kits and tracks to sample. Now includes VSTs/RTAs (Plugins) like the name says.

    Original Track Downloads changed to Sampling Downloads. - Same reason, makes more sense. Now for pre-90's tracks only as says in description.

    Moved post-2008 threads from Plugins (under Other Downloads) into the new Plugins and Drum Kits Downloads and deleted the section. - Makes sense pretty much, no need for two plugin sections.

    Moved Midi Downloads from Other Downloads to Plugins and Drum Kits Downloads. - Makes more sense there than Other Downloads.

    Moved Promo CDS/VLS into Single Downloads.

    Added Mainstream Audio Downloads. Moved Single Downloads (and sub-sections), Album Downloads, and Mixtape Downloads into the new section. - Makes a lot of sense too many people post their stuff under singles and albums when they shouldn't. Also more organized to get all them under one section. You can not make threads in the new section, you have to choose one of the sub-sections (Mixtape, Singles, Album).

    Added Requests Section into Downloads Section and deleted its own category with all the different sections.
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    Default Re: New CP Updates

    goddamn.. a lot of changes but i like the new categorization.. good work!


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    Default Re: New CP Updates

    Good Work.. It's easier 2 B truthful.. Thanks 4 da hardwork fellas.

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    Default Re: New CP Updates

    Thanks LI for doing this and looking after the forum while I've been offline! =D

    I've created a further new section, music forum archives, so the old forums aren't "lost", and direct members to post in the new music chat & help forum.
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    Default Re: New CP Updates

    Quote Originally Posted by funkyone View Post
    goddamn.. a lot of changes but i like the new categorization.. good work!

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    Default Re: New CP Updates

    I had wondered why it seemed didfferent.

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    Default Re: New CP Updates

    I like the changes and i think it will be better....


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