allows you to embed your media in a post

click the

@ Description:


Use only ONE bbcode to post almost 60 kinds of file.

@ Supported Ext.:


flv, swf, swf, spl, mov, qt, mqv, mpeg, mpg, m1s, m1v, m1a, m75, m15, mp2, mpm, mpv, mpa, flc, fli, cel, rtsp, rts, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, 3gp2, sdv, amc, mp4, sdp, rm, rmvb, ra, rv, ram, smil, mp3, wma, wav, ogg, ape, mid, midi, asf, asx, wm, wmv, wax, wvx, avi, pdf, fdf, xfdf, xdp, xfd, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, xpm, torrent, google, youtube, vsocial

@ Features:


1.Use the (Google) Flash Video Player to play the (Google's) flv file;

2.Use the Flash Single Mp3 Player to play the mp3 file;

3.Use the PHP BEncode Library to show the Torrent file info.;

4.Codes could pass the XHTML Validation;

5.Supported explorers: IE, Mozilla, Firefox, NetScape, Opera...

6.Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X...

7.You could custom the width and height, and decide whether to autoplay.

8.You could custom the tag name.

9.You could custom the title of the player box.

10.You could choose whether to collapse the player box by default.

@ How to Use:


Tag without options:[MEDIA]url_of_the_file[/MEDIA]



Shown as a mp3 player (Use the flash mp3 player by default).

Tag with options:






It will use the real player to play the file.mp3,

the object is 100px width, 200px height, and it will autostart.


It will use the flash player to play the file.swf,

the object is 150px width, 250px height, and it'll NOT autostart.


It will post the pdf object on the page,

the object is 211px width, 421px height.

Other Rule:

1.WIDTH and HEIGHT are both required if you want to use options

2.Available values for the AUTOSTART option: 1, true & yes.

3.Separate the options with commas, don't add quotes.