Hey guys,

Last night/this morning I set the forum offline so I could import (almost) everything into a new forum to see if doing that will fix numerous issues that we've been experiencing here.

It's now 8:11 AM - 8 Mar 2014 (GMT) and the importing is not long finished. I've imported Threads, Users, Posts and Forums which should be enough for me to test.

  • 9:42 PM (GMT) - 7 Mar 2014: Testing something.... brb.
  • 10:10 PM (GMT) - 7 Mar 2014: Seems this is gonna take a while. I'm importing everything from this forum into a new forum to see if fixes some of the issues we've been experiencing. The new forum will still be CrazyPellas.
  • 12:33 AM (GMT) - 8 Mar 2014: Yup... still here. Almost all users imported.
  • 2:04 AM (GMT) - 8 Mar 2014: All users imported. All threads imported. Now importing posts.
  • 4:44 AM (GMT) - 8 Mar 2014: Still importing the posts and then I'll get this forum back online, whilst testing the other.
  • 6:38 AM (GMT) - 8 Mar 2014: Still going with the posts... I estimate there's about 40,000 more to go.

I had forgot how big the forum was haha and wasn't expecting it to take as long.

There's a few maintenance tools that I need to run on the new forum before I can test it out... once I have I'll share my findings.

I appreciate your patience!