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Thread: eZine Re-launched

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    Default eZine Re-launched

    As you probably already read in the email I sent out (I know the formating was messed up lol), I relaunched the eZine... the idea to publish stuff monthly.

    Crazy Pellas eZine

    But I've been thinking about just posting to it whenever I think of something to post? Should I do that, or just stick to the plan of monthly and open a new blog for posting whenever? The posts would be obviously be related to music, marketing/promoting e.t.c.
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    Default Re: eZine Re-launched

    yea cp, no point forcing it, wen it happens it happens i rekon

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    Default Re: eZine Re-launched

    you should put ads on it and make it like a blog....

    i can supply u with the shit to put on it

    OOOOOOOR when we give the news bits on CP radio i'll chop those peices give it to u along with some article of a site and it can be like CP radio reporting on an issue or whateva and people can leave comments we may even get more listeners u no what i mean

    example - Crazy Pellas Radio - STAMFORD, Connecticut - Hip Hop / Turntablism / A'cappella -

    tha first song is LADIES NIGHT SNIPPIT its a peice of our ladies night show i can do shit like that for tha ezine sept it be like "DMX IN JAIL AGAIN" and its an audio from cp radio..what u think?

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