We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring the sNazRecords Rap Contest on YouTube. The rap contest runs from February 28th to March 23rd 2013. Watch the video below for full details!

Contest Ends March 23, 2013

How to enter:
1. Subscribe to sNazRecordsTV on YouTube
2. Like this video
3. Make a rap about anything
4. Make a video response to this video
5. That's it! Follow sNazRecords on twitter and Facebook to get updates on the contest

1. You must be subscribed to sNazRecordsTV on YouTube
2. Like the contest video
3. sNazRecords must be mentioned in the lyrics
4. Video response must include "sNazRecords Rap contest" or "sNaz Rap contest" in the title
Follow this format: sNazRecords Rap Contest | song title | artist name
5. Include contest video url in your repsonse
6. Each rapper can send upto 3 raps
7. Rappers can use any beat they have permission to use (feel free to use any beat from sNazRecords http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...)
8. Your rap can't be stolen or taken from another rapper

Members of sNazRecords

What we look for:
- Solid flow (10 points)
- Nice lyrics (10 points)
- A good beat choice (5 points)
- Catchy song (10 points)
- Well recorded and mixed (5 points)
All scores will be posted on our twitter and Facebook


- The three most popular videos will get a shoutout
- Top five rappers will get an artist contract
- Winner gets their song on iTunes under sNazRecords, custom sNazRecords Sol republic headphones, and an artist interview (provided by CrazyPellas)
- Top three gets lease beats (provided by Anno Domini Nation) ($100 value) and a premium soundcloud membership