June RAP CONTEST - Winners Announcement!

1st Place: LIL ANTHONY
Check out Lil Anthony's interview here: Interview with YouTube Rap Contest Winner, Lil Anthony
Check out Lil Anthony's winning entry here:

2nd Place: JAYROE
Check out Jayroe's interview here: Interview with 14 Years Old Atlanta Rapper, Jayroe
Check out Jayroe's entry here:

Check out the rest of the entries here: Rap Contest June 2012 Entries - YouTube

Hey guys,

Thanks to all the entrants and voters!

This was a close contest between Lil Anthony and Jay Roe,
closely followed by Starve, Sill E and Cerebral.

There were a lot of votes not counted because they appeared to be from fake accounts.

But the eventual winner was LIL ANTHONY - Congratz!

Both Lil Anthony and Jay Roe will be receiving messages with details to claim their prizes.

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