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Thread: All Hacks Installed vB 3.0.10

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    Default All Hacks Installed vB 3.0.10

    I will keep updating this list each time i install a hack.

    1. Bump thread and make thread older
    2. Referral ID in User CP
    3. uCash & uShop
    4. Show Spiders Online on ForumHome (dont think it works :x)
    5. Signature Stats v3.04
    6. ipInfo -- Extra user IP information
    7. Automatic Birthday Thread
    8. Image Resizer
    9. Quick Reply Thread Management: Open/Close & Stick/Unstick in Quick Reply Box
    10. Referral Statistics
    11. Proxy ip to real ip conversion
    12. [uCash/uShop] Transactions Addon
    13. Archive Thread
    14. per-user/usergroup HTML posting permissions
    15. Auto close thread after x days.
    16. Super Private Message
    17. Advanced Warning System (AWS)
    18. Inline Moderation Tools
    19. Improved Post Report System
    20. vb3 Font Color Hack
    21. Bump Threads - Extended Amount Of Days
    22. Required X Post to Create New Thread
    23. Automatic Inactive Users Pruning
    24. Active Link Security
    25. Remove Bot SIDs from URL Requests
    26. ibProArcade (need 10 posts to play)
    27. New Page
    28. mod_rewrite
    29. Disable viewing sigs and avs for guests
    30. robots.txt
    31. Rel=nofollow
    32. Root URL
    33. Better Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords
    34. Reduce # of URLs
    35. Better Pagination
    36. Better Pagination within thread
    37. Beter Pagination of Archive
    38. Rel=nofollow archive
    39. vBulletin Google Site Map
    40. Hide Hack
    41. [ibProArcade Addon] League Scoring System, Time Spent, and more!
    42. [ibProArcade Addon] Game links in Newest Champ block
    43. Show thread and post count for users that dont have access
    44. Change Default Selection of Move Threads
    45. Uncheck 'Save As Copy' for PM's
    46. Seperate Sticky and Normal threads
    47. Display Notification to Users who need to activate their account
    48. Clickable Icons in Who's Online (in Arcade)
    49. Forum Description Bar

    please note: you will not notice any of these hacks because either they are for staff only or for search engines.
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