UPDATE: I am now back online. Thanks to all who had my back!
I'll leave original the post below for historical purposes.


I got an email today notifying me that my SC account was under review. As of this post my page was not accessible. It just says "This account is under review" to anyone visting it.

OMG what did NFX do???

Well... are you ready for it? I... I....

I put an incorrect genre on one or more of my songs.

Yep.. they shut me down because I used an incorrect Genre...

Forget that I have songs uploaded as much as 6 years ago when many of the genres they have now didn't exist.

Forget that I pay them to have a VIP account...

Forget the fact that they don't tell you which songs they are, even though they know.

Forget the fact that they don't even warn you first..

Forget the fact the fact that your fans get a message that makes you look like you did something illegal.

On second thought... don't forget all that.. Fuck Soundick.

ok.. I feel better now...

EDIT - here is my track. 6 years ago I upped it and put into "Reggae" and they said it should be in "Instrumentals". For this minor issue, they shut me down. Clearly this is a reggae style track.

EDIT - Heres what they sent me:

Reason: Inappropriate Song Genres

Your account is under review due to inappropriate genre listings. Anyinstrumentals/beats should be placed under the instrumentals genre, and anysongs containing lyrics should not (except in the case of hooks, whichwould then be placed in the 'Instrumentals with hooks' sub-genre ofInstrumentals).Please correct your genres and email us once this has been done to requestaccount reinstatement.


EDIT: If you want to help "get the word out there" you can do one or more of the following:

Send a link to this thread to people you think should know about this. Here is a short URL to this thread: http://nfurl.us/scsux

Email support@soundclick.com and tell them how you feel about it.

Send a tweet to your friends about it.

Go to FP and reply to this thread, so it gets bumps and notices:http://nfurl.us/scsuxfp

If you are a member of reddit (great site for so many topics) go to this post and click the up arrow (must join first) near the title to "up vote" it, so more people see it. http://nfurl.us/scsuxre . Also PM me on reddit for a good list of boards on there after you join. My reddit name is "warbeats":

send 1 tweets to the following twitter users, urging them to act or telling them your opinion. Please do not spam:


Go to the SC facebook page, like it if you have to and post on their wall about this crappy policy.


If you have a SC account and don't care if you get banned, go to their forum give your opinion on this.

Find another site this is ridiculous