Hello! I'd like to introduce myself, I'm just a guy looking to learn a thing or two about beatmatching

I've tried making a new project on sony acid, it was overwhelming to use at first but I'm starting to get the hang of it, so far I've made some progress in blending tracks

Right now I find myself lost, sometimes it's easy to workaround the tracks others it's just painstalking.

IfI'm in need of advice, I've tried looking everywhere but I don't see many topics about blending, when I talk about blending I'm not referring to mixing an acappella and instrumental track but transition from one song to another. I've successfully done it a few times but the process is not as swift as I'd like and I'm currently having issues with more than one track, I hear 'popping' if I try cueing them even tho the bpm is matched, some tracks are louder than others

I could post a link to the project if I'm allowed and hopefully conclude it properly, I'm nearly done, I'm just having issues with the last adjustments