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Thread: Sending Demos to Labels is No Longer Relevant!

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    Default Sending Demos to Labels is No Longer Relevant!

    According to an article published on Grassrootsy today record labels don't see sending demo's to them as a relevant method of trying to get signed anymore. I would have thought that it would be common knowledge. They say the tables have turned from artists looking for labels to sign them, it's labels now who do the searching for artists to sign.

    Check the article below:
    Sending record labels demos in order to get signed has become somewhat of a tradition within the music industry. However, is it still a relevant method? The consensus of new research = No.

    Unfortunately for a majority of artists the likelihood of getting a deal (or even acknowledgment) from a demo has become unrealistic. The music industry has becoming increasingly competitive; and with it, the average label is after the ‘next big thing’ (or band) to attach its name to.

    Labels no longer need to search through the masses of CDs in order to find that talent. They have the option of looking through resources as trival as YouTube to see exactly what the public wants. Back in the day the artist would approach the label; but today, it often works the other way around.

    1. Record labels don’t listen to demos. It’s primarily due to the sheer number that arrive on their desk every day. At this point, most record labels have a policy against receiving ‘unsolicited materials’. If they want your demo, they will ask you for it.
    2. Record labels now use scouts. People are now hired to actively go out and find artists to sign. It is proactive and less time consuming.
    3. Labels work with successful artists. Labels now have the luxury of being able to sign artists and bands that are already ‘making it’. In the past (before technological advances) artists needed a label for exposure. Now however, artists have the chance to expose themselves for free ,via numerous online outlets (you know what those are). Records labels can wait until an artist is at the pinnacle point in their career before attaching their name to them. Essentially the artists have already put in all of the legwork.


    Still think its worth sending in your demo? Well, if you want to give it a shot here’s what you need to do:

    • Research. According to Sound On Sound, “One of the most common complaints from A&R people at record companies is that the senders of unsolicited demos often make little attempt to ensure that the style and format of their recordings match what the record company deals with.” Send your demo to labels that you know will be interested in you – labels that represent artists with a similar sound as yours, and starter labels that are still young and more willing to take a chance.
    • Learn a label’s Demo Policy. Ask about the following…
    • ** Are unsolicited demos accepted?
    • ** Are there specific acceptable demo formats (CD, mp3 clips)?
    • ** Is there is a specific demo (A&R) rep at the company?
    • Follow up. Be persistent (not pushy).

    In modern day society the likelihood of being signed because of a demo is almost unheard of. However the advantage of being an artist in this day and age is that you don’t necessarily need to have a label backing you. That’s the good news.

    Source: grassrootsy» Blog Archive » Is Sending a Demo a Waste of Time?
    What are your thoughts?
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    Default Re: Sending Demo's to Labels is No Longer Relevant!

    Just another way the Internet has changed the music industry.

    One issue with this is that a lot of casual listeners (which is most music listeners) might hear your stuff once or twice, but they are "fans" of what the labels already throw out there. They still listen to Pop radio. Plus, the exposure of all these artists online has grown, but the # of artists being signed has decreased. So your chances for that type of label "success" get worse.

    Be smart and produce quality, and you can break through.

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    Default Re: Sending Demos to Labels is No Longer Relevant!

    Pretty much whats happening in the industry. I say save up, and build a bigger fanbase via facebook, twitter and other sources. Now a days you gotta be more creative

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    Default Re: Sending Demos to Labels is No Longer Relevant!

    You need to basically create your own buzz off little investment that record companies now see they canmake money off you. They build artists anymore

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    Default Re: Sending Demos to Labels is No Longer Relevant!

    This has been a fact for a while now.
    Labels are looking to sign artists that are already hot.
    They also want to know that you are already selling music.
    Get you r independent game up if you want to succeed.

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    Default Re: Sending Demos to Labels is No Longer Relevant!

    It's one of the downpoints of the industry is A& R no longer looking for "talent" that can be developed into artists but looking for any entity they can make money off of

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