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Thread: Need advice my YouTube sounds like crap.

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    Default Need advice my YouTube sounds like crap.

    Hi Everyone

    Whenever I upload a still image vid with my tunes to YouTube, it ends up sounding like garbage. What's the secret to uploading decent sounding audio? It seems to happen the most when the original track was made on FL 10. I have rendered my songs to both mp3 & wav at the highest quality settings possible. The rendered file is then used in Win Live Movie Maker & then saved as 720 video.

    It's really frustrating. My original sound files sound way noticeably better than the uploaded files. I know YouTube is famous for compressing the life out of audio, but other channels have relatively good sound. Mine ends up being run over by a dumptruck.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm only "techie" on certain random levels so layman's terms are more than welcome.


    Once uploading problems are squared away I'll start sharing my projects with everyone here.

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    Default Re: Need advice my YouTube sounds like crap.

    try i upload all my beats with it it works fine for me

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    Default Re: Need advice my YouTube sounds like crap.

    when i render the video on movie maker, i select the audio-focused setting. i don't render in hd.

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    Default Re: Need advice my YouTube sounds like crap.

    yep, hd is for the footage only, when using a wav i always set my audio settings to best possible quality 512kb/s for sony vegas
    when i just use a pic theres no need for hd, 360 video is fine then

    if that doesnt work, like u said it worked for others, maybe make a new account, but wouldnt be logical if thats the problem


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