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    What's up with this site? Is it worth signing up and purchasing the beat space? Any feedback would be great.
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    Yea i sold my 1st beat on there for 75$ its a good palce to invest in even thouh i haven't been active on there ina while

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    I wouldnt recommend, I've never messed with it but from everybody i know that is on it says negative things.. I'd definitely consider Soundclick over that site for sure.

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    Hey its a good thing to get your beats out everywhere man. The more people listening the better.

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    mybeatshop is straight. i've sold beats on there as well. so if your beats are poppin and you promote then you will sell.

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    i remember the dude that made the site, used to promote on I went on their when it was first starting, and i checked back a couple of weeks ago, the site has surely evolved. Im assuming it does make it possible for producers to get sales, or else there wouldnt be such a large improvement.

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    mybeatshop use to be a great its bs...he doesnt pay on time....theres prob still ppl waitin on payments from last cuz i sold beats on that site with no promo...
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    makehitmusic is good, I sell at least 10 beats every month by doing nothing !, whilst still selling on soundclick and others

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    even tho mybeatshop takes forever to pay us out its a good site i have the basic account and i sell alot of beats there


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