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Thread: My First TRUE Night in Entertainment Life of St.Louis

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    Default My First TRUE Night in Entertainment Life of St.Louis

    I will never forget the date of November 30, 2011. It will forever be one of my favorite nights of my life. The grand opening of Nelly and Vatterott's Ex'treme Institute occurred that night and I had the privilege to represent with my close friend Essince. We got there around 7pm and got a tour of this beautiful, state of the art facility. Before the press conference, Essince and I got the chance to network with the other journalist there from other publications. It was so cool meeting so many people so easily and down to earth in a matter of minutes. The press conference started at 7:40 and Pam Bell, Nelly, and Carl Nappa entered the room ready to talk about the school and answer questions. It was my first chance to see Nelly with my own two eyes and hear him speak about a great opportunity for the entertainment industry and audio industry here in St. Louis. The conference lasted around 20 minutes and afterwards, we got the chance to take pictures with Nelly. After the conference, an invite only VIP party started for the big names in the entertainment field here in St. Louis. Everyone from Sir Thirl to Finsta to Tony Scott and St. Lunatics were there (for the other people that were there, they looked like they had BIG MONEY). It was so amazing. Throughout the night I got the chance to speak with Tony Scott for about 5 minutes and asked about remaining relevant and the best advice you give me as an up and coming radio personality. He told me to be optimistic about other ideas and newer technology. He also said maximize and capitalize on the opportunity when the new technology and ideas are known and made available. But dont get me started on the food. All of the stuff they were serving I had never tried. It blew my mind how delicious and great everything smelt and tasted. I tried sushi, this green stuff that burn your mouth, fresh shrimp and alot more. It was so incredible. Essince and I decided to leave after doing all the mingling and networking we felt we could. We then left to V.I.P Studios to chat it up with Spud. When we got there, I met Calvin Miller and his boys and talked about what should be done about the studio. That whole conversation was great and the plans that are in store, its finna go down in 2012 and im not talking the apocalypse. I must admit tonight was the first night of going hard. I'm so hungry. I feel it. I taste it. I want it. The biggest thing I learned tonight was the difference between doing it on a MAJOR level and doing it on a local level. Just know, come January 1st, 2012, St. Louis will be ready for Julian Keaton.
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    Default Re: My First TRUE Night in Entertainment Life of St.Louis

    Well done Julian! Sounds like it was some experience!
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