I wrote an article last night to answer some questions about selling music. This idea I tested a little bit and can easily be scaled up.

So check it out:

Ok I’ve noticed that there is an ongoing problem in the community that a lot of upcoming rap artists are facing. The main question that I get from artists whether or not they purchased beats or not purchased beats from me already is how do I make money from this? How do I make money from my music? And really there are multiple to sell your mp3s in this kind of community. The main thing is that you have to work hard and keep dping so to see good results. Now a lot of upcoming rappers are a little skeptical of buying beats for non exclusive licenses not really because they fear they won’t get the beat. I mean if they don’t get what the track they pay for (no beat) and they pay through pay pal it’s pretty much a no brainer that they can request to get there money back as soon as possible.

But as I said earlier, they don’t really know what to do once they have the beat. I won’t lie to you it’s hard for you as a struggling artist if you don’t have any knowledge of the music business at all whether you are looking at it from a major point of view or an independent point of view. It is also harder if you do not pocess a lot of money in the first place to get your exposure much more quickly. So the only way for you to sell your mp3s and see money is to first create awareness for free with a lot of people. This would be a buzz or street buzz if you are always performing around your local scene.

The problem with those is that some places charge money to come in and then you might have to visit the bar and get some drinks because a lot of the venues that showcase unsigned acts make a large portion of their money at the bar. And on top of that you are only exposing yourself on a local scale. And more than likey the same people will see you over and over again and may feel like you are going nowhere fast after a while. Yea I know it sucks. But after a while you wake up once you get tired of that. So before I get into how you can make money at all from your music let me just say that when you are an independent act, you will have 100% freedom with all of your efforts and you won’t have to answer to anyone because you will be the one in charge of your operation.

Now when you talk about the idea to sell your mp3s you can’t just sell it just by slapping it up and saying buy. Though it isn’t impossible it is not truly effective in terms of convincing people that is actually worth it. In order to make money from your music directly people have to hear it first if they like it they will become new fans. As an artist their two effective ways that I know of that you can implement. One is to set up page where people can demo your music and sign up to your mailing list to become fans. That way is the best way because you can contact them all at any given time and it is legal to do so. You can than market new content to them in the form of music, written text, videos, etc to keep them interested. You can also sell them your new mixtapes and albums after they become loyal fans. But another way to make money more directly from someone new listening to your music is to set up a blog that I monetized for their experience.

The easiest way to monetize a blog before you sell your mp3s is to either sell other things related to you and your site or to sell space. You have to realize what the internet is. It is a medium where web space is sought, bought and sold. So on your blog while you are presenting your music, you can be selling space in the form of ads. People that click on those ads will then make you money because of the shared revenue generated. If you are familiar with youtube this a very common practice. And the way you promote yourself online for free is too use the social networking sites and link them all together. When you do that, you have to do something called syndication where when you post a new message in a status bar it is broadcast all over your social profiles around the web. This is how you get more exposure without having to login each time to each account. And if you have a good amount of people on your profiles then it will benefit you even more because these people can be people to help spread the word if they really like your content. And if you are really good you will not even have to ask them to so. You need to continue to put more musical content and you will need new beats all the time to so. And if you are going to put your demo songs on your blog that you monetized for you to make money indirectly from the ad space your going to need a license to use that beat. Of course all of this can be explained in greater detail but I hope this helped you out.

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