Hello! I have a problem, i have searched like hell for some solution but found nothing ..
I got a Digidesign mbox2 from a friend but did not get the CD ROM with ProTools and all the drivers.
After a while I found 'avid family mbox drivers', installed it and got sound out from my computer and I was obviously very happy with it ...

Now for my problem, I use Sony Acid Pro 7 and it finds the mbox on preferences, the problem is that when I choose it and press play on Acid Pro, i get the sound going but the playback thing does not seem to work (hard to explain) I can have the metronome on, but the viewer does not comply with such to say. The master does not show any levels of sound and so on. As if it's not working with the program even though it comes out sounds.
If i switch ASIO to a standard microsoft soundcard it works without any problems. Please can someone help me? Do I need to install Pro Tools for the acid to work? Hope you understand. Sincerely.

I'm on Windows Vista. Any help is appreciated! Thank You.