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Thread: Live Instruments + Hip Hop

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    Default Live Instruments + Hip Hop

    Does anybody have any idea how I would go about linking up with other musicians? I would like to find an experienced guitar player, bassast, and possilbly a drummer-- preferrably in my area. I tried to search the net for freelance musicians; no luck! Does anyone know of any websites dedicated to that type of thing? Any advice at all?

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    Default Re: Live Instruments + Hip Hop

    usually i see stuff posted in want adds,local news papers,music equipment stores(guitar center,daddy's).

    musicians are all around us.

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    Default Re: Live Instruments + Hip Hop

    really thats what myspace music is about networking and for artists and building fan bases but i mean really nowadays it doesnt matter if you meet musicians locally alls it takes is a guitar player or other musicians with a set up and more musical friends and they can record and send through internet but you could always try Musicians Wanted - Search Local Musician Classifieds : or Musicians Wanted Classifieds - they look pretty legit or search more on google
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    Default Re: Live Instruments + Hip Hop

    hit up the local music scene in your area, colleges, music stores etc. put an ad online or in the paper.

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    Default Re: Live Instruments + Hip Hop

    ^ Was Gonna Say The Same Thing, Best Thing... Ask In Work/College/School - If Ur In Any Of Them... Always Hit Up Your Local Rock Bands

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    Default Re: Live Instruments + Hip Hop

    high schools usually have good musicians that aren't tied down to a band

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    Default Re: Live Instruments + Hip Hop

    Myspace has always been good for me, most of the people I've worked with, I've met there. And like was stated earlier, hit the high schools and colleges. Put out flyers, etc.
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