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    okay boys and girls, Amazing is back up in here. Yes i said Amazing. for those of you who don't know i am still in a battle with the european dude that goes by my name and because back in the day he dropped an international cd before i did he is said to be "Dj Wig". i was Dj Wig before him and he will not give it up unless i pay him some crazy amount of dough. i told i'd battle him for it and he won't do it so for now i'm still "Dj Wig aka Amazing". yes...damnit...that whole long thing. lol.

    anyway i'm hear to talk more music biz shit

    what out for this sneaky ass contracts cats be trying to get you to sign. specifically "EXCUSIVE AGREEMENTS".

    Some of you already like....huh

    in most case exclusive agreements are made between you and a company, but sometimes i've seen artist go into them with another artist or producer or writer. basically they lock you up. everything you write, produce, sing, rap, whatever the fuck you do--they get it. you can't do shit on the side or nothing.

    i'm not saying this is a totally bad thing, i'm just saying you have to be careful. i know you all excited 'cause somebody is feeling your beat and they 'bout to dump a thou ($1,000. lol) on you and everything, but you got to use your brain.

    do not, i repeat, DO NOT just sign with friends or family. trust me on this one. this is not verizon or t mobile. i was in a "hand-shake" contract with a friend. i did a beat for japanese tv show. ol' boy is in germany. hears the beat. likes the beat. uses the beat. cats in japn hear "THEIR" beat. you know the one they paid for? he says "i'm in an exclusive agreement with Wig". WTF!!!!

    the thing is, if you are gonna be "trapped up" make sure it is worth YOUR time and creativity.


    Dj Wig aka Amazing

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    Default Re: i know you been waitin'

    real shit.

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    yea this is real talk right here.....

    i know a guy that had a situation like this happen to him.....he got screwed out of alot of dough....

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    tru shit!! thats that 360 agreements right
    HOLLA AT ME!!!
    I'm not a Business Man
    I'M A BUSINESS....MAN!!!!!!!!

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