Here are 6 things that can help to make your music go viral:

  1. Creativity. Music must be unique and creative to capture people's imagination. If an idea's been done already, it probably won't go viral again.
  2. Relateable. Music is highly shareable when it's relateable to a memory or situation you've experienced.
  3. Cats. Never underestimate the power of featuring cats in a music video.
  4. Effort. Creative and unique ideas often require a great deal of effort to execute. Do the work. Nothing good ever came from nothing.
  5. Song Quality. It may not always seem like quality and virality go hand in hand, but they do. Music must be enjoyable to be shareable.
  6. Emotional Response. Music is most shareable when it provokes a strong emotional reaction. The most commonly used emotional triggers are: Funny, Sexy, Random, Shocking.

I don't necessarily agree with 5 completely - often people share things to show how "bad" they think it is, Rebecca Black's Friday being a perfect example.
And 6 seems to be pretty much the same as 2.

Have you got any tips to share below on making your music go viral?