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Thread: How Do You Make Yourself Known On Soundclick

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    Default Re: How Do You Make Yourself Known On Soundclick

    Getting popularity on sound click is not too much difficult. You can place the links of your sound-click on your facebook profile and other social networking sites.

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    Default Re: How Do You Make Yourself Known On Soundclick

    Yes definitely promote in the forums on SC.

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    Default Re: How Do You Make Yourself Known On Soundclick

    Quote Originally Posted by B L II N K Z View Post
    Sup just wonderin how do you make yourself known on soundclick to reach an average position on the charts and who should i advertise to?
    First, place your soundclick link in the signature section on the forum as well as others. Make sure that you create a nice looking banner for the link so that you can develop a professional online image. Next request friendships and follow people who use soundclick because every request is promotion for your profile. Stay active in their forum and constantly promote you music to people. Go hard everyday by reaching out to anyone with an open ear.

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    Default Re: How Do You Make Yourself Known On Soundclick

    Go to a whole bunch of message boards specially for you genre

    Check out other peoples music and after you check them out review show love whatever than ask them to return the favor.

    Facebook and twitter can be good

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    Default Re: How Do You Make Yourself Known On Soundclick

    What I do is make the SC widget- join as many NING sites as possible set-up my widget to play automatically and on random then embed it onto my profile so when people check out your profile it starts right up. People be sleeping on all those NING sites. Like EVERY rapper has one! Examples: ThisIs50, TheRealTechN9ne. Etc. I'm sure your'e all members of some!!! I dont recommend putting an auto player into comments as that REALLY pisses people off-- remember MYSPACE? EVERYONE posted their widgets in your comments and you couldn't hear your own tunes cause of some douchebag wanted you to hear his abc rap... Also be sure to make stations for separate genres and post those on different website pages. Just some suggestions!

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    Default Re: How Do You Make Yourself Known On Soundclick

    I recommend that you do something aside from regular promotion that involves your soundclick. For instance make your soundclick your alternate player and have all of the beats on your soundclick going for $25 exclusive. Also the new soundclick thing is more dependent on your tags. So go for the gusto with the relevant tags that you know artists will be searching for.

    Just a few tips, gotta stop here before I give away my own secrets lol.

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    Default Re: How Do You Make Yourself Known On Soundclick

    this is a good question...i wanted to know the answer myself


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