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    Icon5 headphones for recording

    hey I'm just getting my own home studio set up and only have a 20 dollar pair of sony from walmart but they bleed a lot so i was wondering about which headphones you guys have the best results with I'm in the 100-200 price range...thanks in advance

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    i would say cop the beats try to find a used pair 2 save ya self some cash

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    For recording, the Beats are an absolute JOKE. I would never recommend them for any studio work, they are purely for enjoying music purposes.

    You will need a really flat response If you want to master correctly using headphones. Ive used a wide range of them and at your stated budget I would highly recommend either the AKG k240 MkII (very flat response, incredibly comfortable for long hours, comes WITH BOTH straight and coiled cable that are interchangeable via mini XLR, Cups are bit on the big side so a little uncomfortable to wear around your neck, do not fold for easy storage) or the Audio Technica ATH-M50 (Very comfortable but not as comfortable as the AKG's, Flat response but a tad more bass than the AKGs if you want a bit more bass, I prefer pure flatness of the AKG, Comes in either Straight OR Coiled Cable, depending on your preference, take note of that. Foldable for storing in pouch, and comfortable around the neck)

    These two headphones are without doubt the two I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a great pair of cans for recording purposes.
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