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Thread: Getting that Hip Hop Sound

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    Default Getting that Hip Hop Sound

    hey everyone,

    So I've been in the music making culture for a couple years now, but just in the last year I've been gravitating more toward the hip hop genre, both as a personal music preference and also because I enjoy making beats.

    After about 3 months of really getting into it, I still cant seem to find that hip hop sound. Everything I make a beat or groove it comes out sounding, well, I don't know. It just isnt that hip hop sound I hear on record or singles, or even that feel of a hip hop song. Maybe it is the scale I am using for my notes, since they do tend to sound more emotional/dark. Anyway, I was wondering if there are any tips you guys have picked up for getting that hip hop sound over your time making music.

    I use mostly abelton and maschine for my music, but am looking into getting logic pro or fl studio if that helps.

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    Default Re: Getting that Hip Hop Sound

    getting that hip hop sound? hip hop is just usually boom bap music with a swing to it... and depending on what genre of hip hop you try to make you have to use different tempos.. different sounds then normally. the music i make and listen to are mostly made using orchestra sounds. so i teared to those mostly... Timbo track are made of Ethnic sounds from africa congos flute and thing like that it all preference really.

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    Default Re: Getting that Hip Hop Sound

    its all about the drums. i take some of the high end off my snares, and my kicks will have a lot of frequencies in the 200hz range

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    Default Re: Getting that Hip Hop Sound

    I don't think it matters what sounds or instruments you use. I'd say its all about the melodies and your drum patterns that make a song sound hip-hop. I use the most weirdest, dark and craziest sounds on my beats, but when I'm sequencing them together I still get my desired sound and vibe. If I was you, I would start trying to remake a few of your favorite hip hop beats but add your own special touch to it. Pretty soon, you will start remembering the basic foundation to begin your own.


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    Default Re: Getting that Hip Hop Sound

    i think a very important thing are DRUMS! please dont use that standart sh.. which is in your sequencer.
    i can send you a very nice drumkit if you want. searching the www for some drumkits. not the plastic ones. look for the jdilla drum kit for the beginning. second important thing is the equalizer to modify the drum sounds. record every line i mean one for the kick one for the snare ... than you have to make the deep tones low and the high ones like the snare or the hat high...

    there you have a banging drumtrack. for me personally i love the oldschool vibes of instrumentals...

    i think sampling is the best way to get soulfull sounding hiphop beats. look for jazz or something. but it depends on what you like....

    if you got question write me, i write back

    i love mpc pads to make hiphop beats.

    mpd is a great machine for using it with a sequencer

    greets from germany
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    I Just try to hold my own thread

    Check out my Free instrumentals if you want to listen to real Hiphop beats.

    And when im say real i mean real. NO plastic mainstream sh..


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