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Thread: fl studio 10 and mpk49

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    Default fl studio 10 and mpk49

    i got the mpk49 and now im trying to figure out how to use it in fl studio 10. its pretty annoying
    i have no idea how to place different samples into the pads or what not and when i try to record a melody i have down, it says i cant do it unless I switch to the ASIO audio thing and when i do that, i cant hear a damn thing!

    i havent really produced much because my patience has ran low on this type of stuff so i was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to help ya boy out

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    Default Re: fl studio 10 and mpk49

    Did you install the drivers from Akai's site? That would be the first step I would take is install/reinstall them.
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    Default Re: fl studio 10 and mpk49

    check out reason. its much better than fl studio. and the drivers are integrated
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