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    Default Business affairs.

    Who can i compete with the market if i like sell my products little bit at high prices?
    Basically i want to apply monopoly system in my business transactions. There are lots of strategies related to this but i cannot adopt any one which improve my business terms.
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    By "monopoly system", are you saying you want to be the only guy on the block selling beats? Coz that ain't happening. Otherwise, I can't really tell what you mean by that. But I will say this.. if you want return business, or you want your clients to only see you for beats, and no one else, then it comes down to you having a consistently good product for them.

    See, people say the music doesn't matter as much anymore. Talent is out the window, and is replaced by social networking skills, numbers, and image, right? But I'm experiencing the exact opposite. As my music gets better, my sales get better. When my music was crap, my sales were crap. I tweet and network just as much, but the $ only came after I started really focusing on my sounds/mix & musicality in general.


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