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Thread: 10 Reasons Why Bands & Artists Need A Website

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    Default 10 Reasons Why Bands & Artists Need A Website

    Here are 10 reasons why bands and artists need a website, brought to your from GrassRootsy.

    1. It’s often the first thing people see.

    1st impressions count and they’re often impossible to erase.

    2. They allow you to showcase you or your bands true personality.

    Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and all those other social networks keep things pretty uniform across the board. There’s only so much of your personality you can infuse into your profile pages. Your website however, is all yours. Design it how you like, create any type of content you want, and infuse as much of your personality as possible.

    3. It’s how people determine your legitimacy.

    A good website will change someone’s perception of who you are and what you do. It’s one of the best marketing moves you will ever make. But beware: a site that looks like it was created in the 90′s will immediate diminish your credibility and make you look like an amateur.

    4. It’s how people determine your potential.

    People (influential ones) will look at your site and make decisions about the quality of your art, your seriousness, and your potential. They will use your website and the information provided, to decide whether or not they should pass on certain opportunities to you.

    5. It’s all your information in one place.

    Youtube does videos really well. Twitter does 140 character statement incredibly well. Facebook is an expert at fan engagement. But a website allows you to bring those 3 elements together and even more!

    6. They bring better gigs.

    Believe or not, having a good website is the difference between playing a bar gig at a music festival or playing the outdoor stage. It’s all about the opinion of people who have the ability to make things move for you (see #4).

    7. Because some people aren’t on Facebook.

    Some people just aren’t on Facebook, or Twitter, or Youtube, or Instagram, or Pintrest, or ReverbNation. Heck, some people aren’t even online! But we can’t do anything about that

    8. It’s the difference between a career and a hobby.

    A website is proof that you’re walking your talk. If you tell people you write, perform, and have big dreams for your tunes, the fact that you don’t have a website immediately cancels those claims.

    9. You can do what you want.

    All the aforementioned social networking sites have specific rules of engagement, formats to follow and restrictions that sometimes make it hard to engage in the way you’d like. So we suggest a website. You can do what you want, how you want.

    10. It proves you are serious.

    Everybody has a website. While we’ll never advocate that you should do something just because everyone else is doing it, we will say that you will look like you don’t care enough without a site

    Source: 10 Reasons Why You Need A Website | grassrootsy
    I especially agree with that social networks limit you to certain things... even with apps, they still don't give you complete control.

    If anyone needs help setting a website up, let me know!

    Have you got anything to add?
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    Icon14 Re: 10 Reasons Why Bands & Artists Need A Website

    Good read and had some very good points

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    Default Re: 10 Reasons Why Bands & Artists Need A Website

    Love what you wrote here man I feel what you are saying. But you can go crazy trying to convince some people how important having your own blog and website is. I understand that they fear the unknown .

    All the web code and graphic design can freek people out. I was like this before I got my own websites.Now I got my main site and some smaller niche beat sites and some sites that have notting to do with music.

    The worse thing about it is that you can see people wasting their time on websites they don't control eg. Facebook Fan Pages
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