A have you been feelin the beats but don't necessarily have the cashflow to pay for a few professional quality album tracks?...NOW, is your opportunity to get three (3) FREE Track Slayerz productions.

The Process:

1) Message me for a copy of the contest beat.
a)The contest beat is two 16bar verses and an 8bar bridge, with 8bar hooks (intro, hook, verse, hook, verse, hook, bridge, hook, outro)
b)The contest beat will be tagged in multiple places, do not remove the tags - (disqualification)
2) From when you get the beat until APRIL 6, 2007 is your time to record the HOTTEST song possible
a)YES!, The deadline is April 6, 2007. DON'T BE LATE!
3) Feel free to submit songs ASAP (as soon as possible). After the deadline, all submissions will be judged based on:
4) Over the weekend (and possible following week) I will personally judge each song, along with public voting.
5)The winner will be publicly announced and contacted.
a) Contest winner will be contacted by April 14, 2007.
b) Contest winner will get 3 custom made Track Slayerz productions to fit they're personal style.