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Thread: Struggling Producers Must Check THis Out.

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    Default Struggling Producers Must Check This Out.

    Hey what its Juse here. If you are a noob producer or just struggling, Stop listening to all these broke producers say you cant make a living off of this. Its just not true. The key is marketing and grind. And you will learn that at Alright hit me up anytime if you have any questions. See yall at the top


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    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Make $5,000 a Month Selling Beats[/nomedia]

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    Default Re: Struggling Producers Must Check THis Out.

    Sounds great i'mma check it out!

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    Default Re: Struggling Producers Must Check THis Out.

    Yea appreciate you dropping that info bro
    Need beats? Your one click away from having the hottest beats on the net at your fingertips!!!
    3 leases $20 4 leases $30 5 leases $40


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