Stereo Assault gladly like to announce the launch of our new project, the Music Business Development Program[/URL]. After a year of producing Artist Development events, Stereo Assault has now developed a program that looks to educate the next generation of musicians, artists, and anyone looking to enter the music industry.

The program consists of lectures, panels, and event workshops presented by experienced, seasoned and leading activists in the entertainment industry. The mission of the program is to educate business-minded and creative people about the business side of the entertainment industry. By joining the program, subscribers will have access to all of the lessons taught in the program. Subscribers will also receive career building prizes that include public relation campaigns, CD duplication packages, performance opportunities and more.

Check it out. Subscribe if you are looking to break into the industry. If you know anyone that wants to be in the industry. Share it with them.

To subscribe, go to --->