I've got some free time so I figured I'd whore myself out to the rest of the CP community.

Firstly, I can currently accept payments through E-Gold and PayPal. If you have a credit card, I can accept those payments through PayPal.

Secondly, I've made a nice list of all of the services I can provide along with potential pricing and other cool information. If the supplied information wasn't enough to satisfy you, then by all means drop me a PM or post in this topic.

Beat Production

That's right. There is yet another person offering beat production services on a forum for beat producers. I'm sure you didn't see that coming.

The main difference is that I work closely with you to make sure the beat you purchase is the beat you want. I don't participate in that non-exclusive game. If you purchase a beat from me, you will be the only artist using that beat. The price ranges differ depending on several variables, including genre, complexity, credits (how I am credited for the track or if you even want me to ghost produce), and so forth. I'm not going to undercharge and I'm not going to overcharge so if you are interested, contact me. If you would like to see some examples of my work, you are more than encouraged to visit my website (it is in my signature and it is listed later in this thread).

As a final note, I deliver the final product in an untagged .WAV format that can be used to your exact liking. I will also provide the .FLP file to the beat along with the source files that are used in the beat.

Website Creation & Management

Need an artist website? Look no further. I have been a website developer for nearly five years now and I am experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, and Javascript. I have ample experience with many PHP scripts, including WordPress, vBulletin, IP.Board, PHP-Nuke, and others.

I can create you a website solution, and if you would like, manage it for you as well. I can even purchase everything necessary for the website to be setup, including the domain, hosting, and scripts (if necessary). I can integrate your music into the website, including music listed on MySpace and SoundClick.

Pricing ranges depending on what you want, how complex it is, and so forth (for example, if you wanted a vBulletin forum for your website, you would have to pay for the license fee).

If you would like an example of my work, please visit my website:


Writing Services

No, not rhyme writing services, but other writing services. Such writing services include the writing of biographies, album and mixtape summaries, advertisements, and more. I charge a flat rate of $0.01 a word for any writing relating service. If interested, I can provide you a sample of my work.

Electronic Press Kit Creation

Need an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)? Well, I can do it for you. You provide the pictures, music, and general information and I can create one for you. From the biography to the organization of the actual kit, I can do every process. I can provide a sample if you are interested in consulting me for this matter.

And Finally, Audio Engineering / Mixing

Now I know a majority of the people that participate in this forum create their own beats (if not a majority, then a solid number of people do this). While anyone can create a beat, not just anyone can properly mix the elements correctly. I'm definable not saying that I am an expert in this trade but I am saying that I can do a pretty damn efficient job for someone on a budget. From instrumentals to vocals, I can most likely mix it to harmony like a delicious cake (and yes, at this time, I am extremely hungry). I have experience with Audacity, Audition, and Sound Forge and can work on your piece in either.


I'm done whoring myself out now. If you want an encore, you will have to contact me regarding which of the above services you would be interested in employing me for. That's basically it, and in the event that you aren't planning on hiring me for a job, I would like to apologize for the time you wasted by reading this post. Then again, it's not like you had anything better to do, eh?