My name is Brooke. I have been pretty long in all this music stuff, but never had been involved in it.

Now i would like to get in it (i love the phrase ''get in'' lol). I have listened to a lot of music beats, which could fit perfectly to what i want and what i need. Went to Soundclick and started to listening to beats, at beginning i didn't find nothing good for me, but then i came with one beat. Damn, I felt in love with it for first time when i listened it, then repeat, repeat and repeat. It has that radio touch in it what i'm searching for. God, i love it, lol.

Guys, please help me, what do think about this beat to sing over it and i think do some rap too (not mine, of course, lol): SoundClick artist: RT Productions Official - page with MP3 music downloads (second song Ciara Type beat)

I hope that you can help me.

Big thanks to all,