I present a trance remix of one of the most talented underground emcees Grime, check it out and post some feedback:

Produced by: Geniewiz. Vocals by: Grime [www.grimeworld.com]. Supporting Vocals by: Chris Rock [www.chrisrock.com]

Production Copyright:
(P) 2006 Geniewiz Productions
(C) 2006 Maxillion Productions Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Vocals Copyright:
(C) 2005 Grime Music.
All Rights Reserved.
Exclusive license to Geniewiz Productions.

Support Vocals Copyright:
(C) Chris Rock Enterprises
All Rights Reserved.

Original Mix Length: [8:57]
Radio Mix Length: [4:36]

Genre: Melodic Trance
Tempo: 146bpm

Composition Date:
June 26, 2004 to January 3, 2006

This has been a long time coming because of all the inspiration I built up from doing magic so it had to come out eventually! What really made me want to get this finally is listening to Eiffel 65's Lucky (In My Life) (Under Deal Trance Mix). You can probably hear the intro is influenced by the intro in Lucky (In My Life). I think the melody in this sounds somewhat like Living Life Without Regrets and is also somewhat similar to Revolution (Club Mix), I guess I can't think original nowadays. I was really wavering on what this track should be, whether it should be a remix or something totally new. I was going to make this a track but I decided to turn it into a remix because I thought Grime's vocals would go great with it. This was originally going to be a remix of Think About The Way by Ice MC (featuring Alexia) but then I realized that I didn't have the rights to the copyrighted vocals and not to involve myself in anymore of these underground "illegal" remixes that I'd have rights to. From now on, I'm LEGIT! That's right...well almost. Chris Rock's vocals almost flows perfectly with the track don't you think? Almost like I hired him to do his stand up on this track lol. Special thanks to Xaimus, Neo and Velocity for the tips that helped me improve this track. The bassline in the first verse was their idea really, and I think it sounds pretty okay with it. But yeah, my favourite part is definitely the introduction, that's definitely the strongest...of course I'm going to have to chop all that in the radio edit =(. I still tried to keep the radio edit unique though, so even though I had to take some stuff out, I added some stuff that's not present in the other mixes.
Bush lied to me, they all lied to me
They're like we gotta go to Iraq cuz they're the most dangerous country on Earth
They're the most dangerous regime in the world
If they so dangerous how come it only took two weeks to take over the whole f***ing country?
You couldn't take over Baltimore in two weeks
Yo everybody's tryina scare us
Telling us to be on the lookout for Al Qaeda
Did Al Qaeda drag James Byrd down the street til his eyeballs popped out of his head?
I ain't scared of Al Qaeda, I'm scared of Al Cracka
I come full force like a bat out of hell
On the White House lawn with a pocket full of shells
Tilí the White House gone and my pops is doing well
And George W. Bush is locked in a cell
What the f***, they stole the election again
And you want me to pretend Iím the Presidentís friend?
He had plans for Afghanistan on September 10
Iíd rather see the president dead like Eminem/
Itís that simple, the whole worldís against you
Youíve never been through the hell we live through
I hope thereís a God and I hope he donít forgive you
I hope thereís a lake of fire that you get sent to
And I hope thereís a heaven that my mother can get into
If anyone deserves it, itís the woman that kept you
How many babies born cause abortion is sinful?
And left to die in a dumpster when they a month old
Excuse me, my mindís wandering now
But I truly believe he knocked the towers down
Thereís over 100, 000 Iraqis in the ground
And Osama Bin Ladenís still not to be found
So whoís the terrorist thatís scaring Americans
With national security and gay marriages
Thereís Big Brother cameras in ghetto areas
They always watching like the eyes on the pyramids
The worldís f***ed and itís only getting worse
Whatís your life worth when you sleep in the dirt
But the first shall be last and the last shall be first
Iím waiting on the day the meek inherit the earth
Because until then, everywhere is war
When the children canít breathe clean air no more
And the homeless stampede the grocery stores
Working within the system is a hopeless cause
Iím a freedom fighter, for those that are suffering
My people, not Democrats or Republicans
My people, sleeping on the sidewalk struggling
My people, standing out on my block hustling
Show no loyalty to this puppet government
If they donít suffer with my people well f*** Ďem then
They spent 200 billion on Saddam
And people still starving in south Tucson
And I donít support the troops, so let it be known
Theyíre murdering people for defending their homes
Cause you canít be against war but for the soldiers
Tilí they turn they guns on they officers and take over
Itís crazy, but this is how the world made me
I was raised by wolves ya church canít save me
Die in the street before I live in a cell
On the White House lawn with a pocket full of shells
I think Bush sent that girl to Koby's room
Bush sent that girl to Koby's room, Bush sent that little boy to Michael Jackon's house
Bush killed Lacy Peterson,
Bush was f***ing Paris Hilton in that video
All to get your mind off the war


Original Mix: http://revonet.org/geniewiz/mp3/WhiteHouse.zip

Instrumental mix: http://revonet.org/geniewiz/mp3/Whit...strumental.zip

Radio Edit: http://www.scenesp.org/ftp/modulez/g...ouse_Radio.zip