This album is strictly for streaming purposes only. It is essentially developed for the benefit of recording artists in search of high quality instrumentals for their own projects. With that said, all instrumentals on this album, except one, are for sale. To purchase any of the nine instrumentals off this album, contact the producer via his twitter handle HERE: @iamSANhedrin
released February 3, 2017

All tracks on the album were produced by SAN the Instru-Monumentalist

1. Emergency Orange (00:41)
2. Aleppo (01:25)
3. Strategies for Wins (01:23)
4. Heaven Calling (01:23)
5. Dirty Rose Petals (01:22)
6. Her Eyes (01:27)
7. Sacrifices and Wilful Deaths (01:16)
8. Loyalty and Betrayal (01:08)
9. To Love (00:47)
10. When All is Said and All is Done (01:25)