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Thread: Music Biz Tips for Rappers and Singers + 5 FREE BEATS

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    Default Music Biz Tips for Rappers and Singers + 5 FREE BEATS

    Wussup fam,

    New to CrazyPellas so I thought I'd start out wit a post that gives y'all somethin.. I got a video series on music biz tips (making, manufacturing, marketing your music) for rappers and singers. You get 10 videos straight to ur email address plus access to 5 free beats.

    All you have to do is sign up at Instantly Download HipHop and Rapping Beats, R&B Beats and Music Biz Tips! -- PBE Music -- - Music Biz Tips and I'll start sending em to u

    Check this video for more info:


    [nomedia=""]YouTube - SECRETS to Becoming a Rapper or Singer! + FREE BEATS![/nomedia] - The Best Beats And Instrumentals Online
    Beats For Sale - Rap Beats - R&B Beats - Free Beats

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    Default Re: Music Biz Tips for Rappers and Singers + 5 FREE BEATS

    good lookin out

    I know the true power of talent plus hard work & sacrifice.. Greatness is my destiny nothing or no one can hinder that.

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