Whats up CP! Me and my boy are looking into starting a new 100% Hip Hop blog. Well let me be clear, I already have the domain and I'm hosting it off my business so it is a set in stone definitely going to happen thing. The site will be based 100% on Hip Hop and the music scene. Hip Hop artists, news, reviews, even in the studio things such as producing, engineering, etc. If it is Hip Hop related its all fair game, no censors, no limits, no boundaries.

Most of you know me because I'm an active part of CP, a super mod, run the audio section, help a lot of people round here, and been here near since the birth of this site. So no bullshit I want to help the community more by giving anyone who likes/wants to write the chance to do there damn thing! Also, not that its necessary but if anyone wants to do some images for the writers content that's cool too, but for the most part we're looking for writers.

Knowledge of Hip Hop and music.
Writes their own content.
Reliable and down to earth.
Able to post at least once a day on weekdays. (more is welcome/encouraged)


Experience writing for a blog.
Being in the music field. (Musician, Producer, DJ, Engineer, etc.)
Online reputations.
Basic knowledge of Photoshop or other graphic program for posts.

As far as being a member of the team, you will be added to our team page with your pic and some links to check you out and have a little mini bio at the end of each post. =] We will hook you up with some plugs/promo as much as possible. All your posts remain your posts, we dont want your rights for your writing!

Basically this is an opportunity, I have the funds to support the project so if you're serious about being a writer/contributing and busting your ass with me and my partner and we make it to be a big Hip Hop blog we will be compensating our dedicated writers. Please, if you aren't going to take a position with us serious don't bother.