H.ustle A .nd S.tay H.igh is the coined term but Koop has decided to say H.ope A.nd S.trive H.arder as well as Hope And Stay Humble. “It just means Stay High on life man”, Koop says. Koop shows his well-roundness with great lyrics over his G-Funk tribute (I’m Flyin) produced by Docc Free, all the way to the usual “Autotune croon” on tracks such as “I’m Tho’d” and “Lost ft. Mr.Cain”. Some tracks have a dark side to them such as “Alive” and “What It Takes” where Koop describes himself hittin’ a lick. “I’m just taking the energy a ----- use to have during crunchtime compared to really hittin’ a lick in da rap game, see it’s a science to this shit”.The song “Green Light” drops gems with lines such as ” I’m the ace of spade feelin like the jack of trades, I know you jokers fake ’cause all you do is masquerade”. Bogus B*itch has the club vibe with help of producer, @RedJackProd on twitter. With material ready for the next project, H.A.S.H. is available for free download for a limited time only.

Hope|Hustle|Strive Harder|Stay High