For the next battle to be released for the West GP at Mayhem, we have Fingaz coming off a close win over Sun Tzu taking on Ontario native Aftershock. Aftershock flew out from the East after Jonny Storm experienced border problems and had to withdraw from the Grand Prix. If both battlers live up to thier potential then this battle will be a classic. Who will move on to round 3?

Hosted By: Sketch Menace, & Ddubb

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For the second match from the East bracket of the 2012 Grand Prix, we have Step Easy taking on Tricky P. Step Easy is coming off of one of the top performances of round 1 and plans to keep that momentum going. Tricky P is looking to rebound after the marathon battle with Charron in Calgary. Who will advance to round 3?

For the next battle in the 2012 Grand Prix, we have the last 1 0n 1 Grand Prix winner, Arcane, facing off against S.O.N.S. member Lucinao Crakk. Crakk is fresh off his win in round 1 against Yung Casper and is looking beat Arcane to be a step closer to the $5000 and a title shot. However, Arcane is focused on becoming the 2-Time GP champ and also the first 2-Time KOTD Champ. Who will take this battle?

KOTD - 2012 Grand Prix R2 - Charron vs 100 Bulletz - YouTube
Up next from the 2nd round of the 2012 Grand Prix East bracket, 100 Bulletz faces one of the best freestyle emcees in KOTD, Charron. 100 Bulletz is coming of the biggest win of his battle career, which handed Dose his first loss and granted him a chance to do it all over again. Charron is also on the heels of a great performance and big win over fan favourite, Tricky P. As a seeded emcee, this will be Charron's first battle in the Grand Prix. Will 100 Bulletz make it his last or will the dream match-up between Charron and Kid Twist finally happen next round at Toronto's Outbreak on June 30th?

KOTD Vets, McNight and Daley. McNight won his first round match up vs ForkFarm in a very close battle and hopes to knock out another win over Daley. Daley is one of the West's seeded battlers with his eyes set on the title chain. Who will take it in this emotionally charged battle?

The first released battle from Round 2 of the 2012 Grand Prix features Uno Lavoz going against Canadian legend Kid Twist. Uno Lavoz is fresh off his victory of ZM in round 1 and looking to continue that streak. Kid Twist is one of the seeded battlers, so this is his first action in the Grand Prix and he is looking to make a statement that he wants the chain he once held, back around his neck.Who will take this battle and move onto the next round?

For the next released battle from the 2nd round of the 2012 Grand Prix West bracket, we have edWORDS taking on fan favorite Chedda Cheese. edWORDS is coming of a victory in the first round against Adamantium while this will be Chedda's first battle in the Grand Prix as one of the seeded battlers. Who will win this battle and go on to facing Fingaz at Most Wanted in Calgary on June 30th?

Hosted By: Sketch Menace, & Ddubb