My name is Julian Keaton, one of the leading voices in The Rise Movement. I am a songwriter, artist, event promoter, and radio show producer/personality and off and on I have experience as managing the start of several St. Louis hip hop and indie rock artists’ careers. During my freshman year of college, through my studies I realized my passion for social activism and fighting for equality amongst minorities and the developing poor.

Since January 2011, I have embarked on a project that I and those around me believe is of monumental proportions. What originally began as a concept hip hop album focused on social injustices and inequalities oppressing minorities, the middle class and the poor, has become a movement to strengthen the lives of the children in the next generation through servitude.

The Rise Album: Rise in Social Equality is the title of my record album I plan to release in the fall of 2013. The goal of the album is to make minority citizens aware of social issues and injustices in today’s society. Another goal is to get more citizens active and vocal about social issues in their communities. To further give back to the community, 10% of all album (digital and physical) sales and merchandise sales will go to charities and non-for-profit organizations and several small businesses will match the donation amount to a giving organization.

Now that the album is 50% recorded, I need your help in putting together the rest of the Rise Movement and album together.


In today’s society, much of the middle class, developing poor and minorities are being oppressed in many ways. The oppression through opportunities in education, housing, health care (knowledge), police brutality, entrepreneurship hurts the economies in their communities.


This entire campaign is ONLY going to be possible with YOUR help. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated. For this campaign we are asking for $10,300, however, the stretch goals I have set will help our chances promoting the project through various avenues.

To go to the Indiegogo campaign click here or by clicking on the logo at the top or below the post.