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    Heey guys, I was hoping to help out the people looking for graphics. I have been using Adobe Photoshop for a long time and I am willing to help you out when it comes to mixtapes covers, logos, youtube backgrounds, photo touch ups and photo editing. However I do not do Soundclick Layouts. I am charging $5/3/3E for logos. Mixtape Covers/Youtube Backgrounds: 10/$15/11E and for photo touch ups and photo editing it is the same prices as logos.

    Youtube Examples:
    YouTube - ‪YearBeatz's Channel‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Love4ChristTV's Channel‬‏

    My Portfolio:
    Pictures by AirFemiStylez - Photobucket

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    shit better price than most cats are chargin

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    I know right lol, I just know that if I wasn't a graphic designer as well as a producer I would need A LOT of help, so I don't mind doing it for such a low price to help people out


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