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Thread: Download my "Revisions" Project presented by SNEAKHYPE!

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    Default Download my "Revisions" Project presented by SNEAKHYPE!

    I dropped this at the end of last year - I guess I haven't been on CP in a long time lol

    Check out the record "Change" ft. B. Rossi on SoundCloud --

    Download the entire project and check the post from SNEAKHYPE at

    Music Monday : Sneakhype Presents… Arkutec – Revisions | SNEAKHYPE

    Also if you diggin Rossi download his mixtape "Escape From America" one of the best projects I've heard in a LONG time


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    Default Re: Download my "Revisions" Project presented by SNEAKHYPE!

    hey man your stuff is nice man. i like your work. maybe i can be a co producer of your next tracks? if you need some beats u can download them for free man would be ace if you return the favor and check me out SoundClick artist: HD Production - page with MP3 music downloads


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