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Semaj Lamar Hall (born November 27th 1992) , better known as Semaj, is an American rapper. And Robert Sean Roberts Jr (born February 7th 1993), better known as Robby or Robby Kyng, is an American Rapper, and Record Producer. Is a dynamic duo rap group out of Long Beach, Ca. How We Started. I (RobbyKyng) Started producing laying on a air mattress bed bugs biting my ass etc.. So I was bored and wanted something more in life than community college. I Was room-mating with Semaj , and convinced him we should try the rap thing . He agreed, I perfected my producing in 5 months then 5 months after working on ourselves, We dropped a tape entitled "Summer Jams" Contact. r.robertsjr267@gmail.com @RobbyKyng @Swaaggy_J