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Thread: [DEB015] V.A. - Different Angles EP

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    DEBUGER is proud to present our new release: V.A. - Different Angles EP

    This release presents different approaches to techno music,
    done by three different producers. DJ GrujA is experimenting with
    slap bass guitar sounds, on a broken beat foundation. Stanny Abram
    goes more deep with tribal vocals and a powerful bass. Stole Popovic
    is bringing a bit darker sound, with strong synths and funky bassline.

    Please if you spin this tracks chart it and help us that way.
    Kind Regards, DEBUGER team.

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    Debuger - Tracks - SoundCloud
    RA: Debuger - Record Label

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    Default Re: [DEB015] V.A. - Different Angles EP

    Thats whats up bro ima check you out keep doing ya thang
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