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Thread: Crazypellas!, Vote For My American Gangster Re-mixtape At HHDX!

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    Default Crazypellas!, Vote For My American Gangster Re-mixtape At HHDX!

    American Gangster ReMixtape Contest Voting | Features >

    Sorry If this has already been posted, couldn't find so

    HHDX held The American Gangster remix album contest and have finally chosen the top 10 out of 130 entries from across the world!

    and Im happy to say I woke up to an e-mail today saying im in the top 10!

    Listen or watch my sampler YouTube - Jay-Z American Gangster Remix Album sampler and Vote for mine! It's under as "The Gangster and the Saviour" by Sal The Saviour

    or alternitavely u can vote for 1 of the other 9(thought I'd plug mine first, Im sure the other guys are doin the same, haha) that are there on the list!

    I post this here tho because I gotta thank crazypellas to an extent since alot of the sounds and samples I used for this, I actually got from here and without em this project might not even have come out like it did!

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    Default Re: Crazypellas!, Vote For My American Gangster Re-mixtape At HHDX!

    I don't see where to vote

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