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Thread: Coming soon **Cesare Borgia's - "They'd Be Surprised Vol 1"**

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    Default Coming soon **Cesare Borgia's - "They'd Be Surprised Vol 1"**

    I thought this would be a good place to announce my first album, a good part of the material will have a familiar ring to it because i will soon begin recording my written works that many people here have come to know me for.

    I have been listening to the so called hip hop of today and feel like it's time to do my part to ensure the future of this art form, i might not become famous or a big name but if i can even get one person to sit up and take notice then i have done what i set out to do.

    Today's the day to either save or end the rap game once and for all.
    Anybody with a pen and pad should understand this.

    the real lyricists unite we can use our voice and make sure people know that the age of bling/murder/cars and bitches is over, Nas started the battle cry with "Hip hop is dead" and to me that means that if we cant get the old days of rap back then it's time to kill the motherfucker and bury it forever, that's why these fake ass bitches should be surprised.

    Conceptual Track List:

    1. Disappear from existence (Intro)
    2. Reincarnated
    3. Rapture
    4. Does She Really Love Me
    5. A Silent Voice
    6. Demons Of Dreams (blast me to smithereens) **New rhyme**
    7. They'd Be Surprised
    8. Fight or flight **New Rhyme**
    9 Dirty Angels **New verse and revised 1st**
    10. Back To The Start [Lessons Lent]
    11. The Last Chapter
    12. Take It How You Choose
    13. Euthanized
    14. Mamma's Shoes **New Rhyme**
    15. Part Time Father
    16. 2 embrace death or life **Reworked**
    17. Kelly Has A Secret (Long version)
    18. Devils And Gods
    19. Back 4 the blood
    20. No Need To Explain
    21. Consumed by Wales
    22. Fuck Tomorrow **New Rhyme**

    Over the next month i will be accumulating the various equipment that i have yet to buy and the month after that recording will start, by spring 2008 i should have this project 100% wrapped up and ready for the masses with Vol 2 following a few months later, Vol 2 will be made up of 25 new rhymes nobody has ever seen or heard, all of which are complete and tucked away for the time being. The time has come to see if my lyrical ability is as great as my ability to pen lyrics, i look forward to your support.

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    Default Re: Coming soon **Cesare Borgia's - "They'd Be Surprised Vol 1"**

    i cant wait..
    i know its gona be good

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